Not Only in Vegas. Top US States Which Allows to Divorce Swiftly

The process of getting a divorce is not same in all the states of America. There is a huge difference in the process and divorce law in all the states. The requirement for getting a divorce swiftly in one state may be different and challenging in another state.

So, if you are in hurry an want to get a divorce swiftly and quickly, then avoid filing for a divorce in states in South Carolina or Maryland as these states have lengthy and complicated divorce law. The applicants are required to have one year of residency along with one year of separation prior to applying and starting the divorce application process. If you want the process to be completed swiftly and quickly with non-existent residency requirements and shorter waiting period, then look for other states in America. There are some states apart from Las Vegas where divorce can be filed quickly and getting a divorce is easy due to minimal requirements. For your assistance here is the list of states apart from Vegas where you can file a divorce to get it quickly and swiftly.


This is the state in America where a divorce is allowed swiftly and the minimum time period required for getting a divorce is 30 days. This state has n residency requirements for getting a divorce and the divorce law is also very lenient which makes it the top state in America where divorce is allowed swiftly. According to the experts, the divorce would usually move forward as long as you in the state where you are filing the divorce rather than staying as a resident in the state. It has a waiting period which is only one month and it is quite negligible.


Nevada after Vegas is the most common and popular state that allow a divorce swiftly and quickly. It has garnered a reputation for allowing quick and swift divorce and it has a flexible divorce law for the applicants. There are many good reasons way applying for a divorce in Nevada is easy and quick process. There is very short residency requirements in Nevada which is as short as 6 weeks and people simply need to stay for such a shorter period of time to get the residency in the state. Moreover, the applicants are not required to wait longer for getting the divorce as the waiting time after filing a divorce is shorter in Nevada. All these things make the state a top choice for getting a divorce swiftly.


Apart from Vegas and Nevada, Idaho is the community property state and in this state the spouses are getting ownership of the debts and assets equally. But when a no-fault and uncontested divorce is filed, the debts and assets are divided equally between the partners. So, fighting over who gets what won’t be the issues if you file a divorce in Idaho. Moreover, the divorce requirements in the state are also very flexible. The residency requirement in the state is of 6 weeks and the state has a shorter divorce processing time which is around 20 days. The complete process takes around 9 weeks to get complete in Idaho.


This is another state of America where divorce is allowed swiftly and quickly because of its flexible divorce law. The applicants are required to gain a residency of 60 days prior to filing a divorce in this state. But, if you are relocated to the state and living there for less than 60 days, but you have married a girl there and living thereafter in the state, then you can skip this residency requirement of 60 days and go directly to file a divorce as it allows filing divorce swiftly in such situation. The divorce law in this state is very flexible and the waiting period is also of 20 days, therefore making it quite easier for the application to get a divorce swiftly within 3 months of filing the divorce in the state.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is also a state of America where one can file a divorce easily as it allows divorce swiftly. Another who is living in the state for more than 365 days are allowed to file a divorce swiftly and there is no waiting period after filling the divorce in the state. Moreover, the applicants don’t have to wait for the processing periods as it happens instantly after filing. In general, you can get a divorce as quickly as possible maybe within 24 hours of filing the divorce in the state.


It is extremely essential for the applicants to stay in this small island for 7 days and more before filing a divorce. The potential time required for the complete process is 5-6 weeks which is quite acceptable for most of the couples in America. The residency requirements for filing a divorce in this island are 7 days and the processing period for a divorce in the state is 5-6 weeks. The law for divorce is quite complicated in this island and hence it is necessary that you hire a divorce attorney in the island whenever you plan to file a divorce. So, these were some of the states in America where filing a divorce is quite easier and faster. These states allow a divorce swiftly and you won’t find any difficulty in filing a divorce in any of these states if you fulfil the residency requirements.